Nadera's Testimonial - Part 2


I knew what I wanted, like physically, but to get there, I felt like I was never doing the right things.

And like, I never knew, like, okay, Monday should be this, this and this and like, these are the exercises I should do. So having that done for me was like, That was really sweet. That's awesome. Oh, cool. Good. So a couple of things that I appreciated. One is the positivity from you. Outstanding. I just I felt I can't explain it like, I just like you said you had, I have someone in my corner, but you were always, like, rooting me on and just telling me, like, you're doing great and, like, just giving me all the details and just specs of everything.

It just made me feel really, really good.

Nadera's Testimonial - Part 1


Is there anything that you would have done differently?

Signed up sooner. Okay, um, I kind of, I like kick myself in the, in the, in the butt for not signing up with you sooner, like, honestly,

I mean, that always makes me feel good. So I appreciate that. Yeah. Great.

Okay. I mean, I know what I needed to do before, but like, there was a lack of motivation, a lack of accountability, a lack of communicate.

Well, I mean, I didn't have anybody to communicate with. Mostly I'm going to talk to a mirror, but, um. No, it's just been wonderful. Uh, being able to like reach out to you anytime I need to with questions or concerns. You're very responsive and, you know, just really, I don't know, just supportive and encouraging.

And it's just, it just made the whole thing really great.

Justin's Quick 2 and a Half Minute Testimonial!


Before I started this program, I was sort of at a crossroads. I just finished rehabbing a bad back injury and started getting back into working out. I also had a kid and was finishing up my dissertation, so all things considered, I was proud of myself for continuing to work out and not overindulging. But I thought I was more in control.

I really was. I enjoy playing pickup sports like soccer, basketball, and competitive Ultimate Frisbee. Staying fit for these activities motivates me. However, I attended a competitive pickup game recently and performed poorly. A year ago, I would have been as athletic as anyone on the field.

After this experience, I talked to Joe about getting back on track. Initially, I wasn't keen on tracking my water and food intake due to time constraints and a belief that I could handle it independently. But it became clear that accountability mattered. Having someone to remind you helps. I've tracked intake before and believed I had a good idea of my nutrients, but sometimes you need a reality check. I won't track everything I eat, but I'll do it occasionally to stay aware.

Joe encouraged me to start lifting heavy, despite my past injuries. After a few weeks, I noticed many minor aches and pains subsiding. So, I plan to continue this.

In conclusion, I could mention concrete benefits like weight loss or improved deadlift performance from the program. I could also note increased athleticism and feeling more competitive, which was the main goal. Yet, the most significant takeaway is accountability, periodically evaluating what I consume and not straying too far.

Justin's Interview With Joe Boyle Coaching


What made you, like, pull the trigger? What made you start thinking about it? That whole beginning reference? Yeah, I would say two things. I really like playing pickup sports and I play Ultimate Frisbee competitively. I really went from one of the most athletic people on the field to one of the least in a very small time frame.

And while there were excuses such as being busy and injuries that played into it, I thought I'd be able to work myself back better. So that's reason one. Recent news: I have a kid now and eventually he'll want to play soccer or Frisbee in the backyard, and I want to keep up with him.

How has it helped? How's it helped? How has it made you more athletic? What things have you adopted that made you better on the field? Well, if I had to guess, it comes down to diet and exercise, controlling my diet as the weight was slowly going up. You can't be as quick at a certain weight. Slowing that process, reversing it, and lifting heavy, putting plates on the bar for deadlift, helped my speed, agility, and synergy for keeping up with quicker players.

What did you enjoy most about the program besides lifting heavier? What habits did you change? What surprised you? Some things I liked to do on my own, but having someone to be accountable to and share struggles and triumphs with was great. Looking forward to our weekly video messages, tweaking things based on feedback, having someone in my corner made a huge difference.

Assuming you'd have the opportunity, how would you sell someone on coaching for weight loss or increased athleticism? Having a partner in any aspect of life is important. If you have a goal, having someone to keep you accountable and encouraging is worth its weight in gold. Joe is one of the best, empathetic and knowledgeable.

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