Help me pursue my natural body building dream!


Hey everyone! I am absolutely thrilled and bursting with excitement as I embark on my natural bodybuilding journey. It has always been my dream to sculpt my body through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I firmly believe in the power of natural bodybuilding, and I am determined to achieve my fitness goals without the use of any performance-enhancing substances.

Now, I'm reaching out to all of you amazing individuals to ask for your support and encouragement. Your belief in me and your words of motivation will fuel my drive and determination, pushing me to new heights in the gym. Whether it's cheering me on during my workouts or simply lending an ear to listen, every bit of support means the world to me.

Together, let's make this dream a reality. I will document my progress, share my journey, and keep you all updated on my achievements. I truly believe that with your support, I can inspire others to embrace a natural and healthy approach to fitness. Thank you in advance for being a part of this incredible adventure. Let's smash those goals and build the best version of ourselves, naturally!

How can I donate?

Venmo, PayPal or Credit Card are all great ways. Click the links or images below to take you to my user for each platform!

What am I supporting when I donate?

Through your support and donations you are supporting and alternative for youths and young athletes to pursue a healthy alternative to body building. An industry that is rife with seemingly "steroids are the only way to go" mentality. This is a healtheir life long journey for young athletes to start off.

Just how expensive is body building?

Body building is a very expensive sport. Not just are show weekends expensive (minimum being around $800 and could be anywhere up to $1,200, $2,500 or more depending on where you need to travel). But there is also specific amounts of food, protein and supplements to consider. That can easily be $500 - $750 / month or more. Did I mention each show is about $100 to enter and the yearly league membership is over $100! Ai yai yai - it's alot! Thousands per year!

  • Tanning - $125 - $175 per show
  • Show Entry - ~$100 per show
  • Show Photography - $0 - $175
  • Workout Repair / Equipment - $10 - $50
  • League Membership - $100 / year
  • Injury Prevention / Rehab - $15 - $100 / month
  • Supplements / Vitamins - $50 - $150 / month
  • Protein / Food beyond what a "normal person" would eat: $200 - $500 / month
  • Travel: $1600 - $3200 / year or MORE!
  • Coaching - $250 - $350 / month
  • Gym Membership - $20 - $80 (including gyms while traveling)


You add all that up while planning on two shows a year and you're looking at, at least $8,000 year to $16,000 a year!

So again if you're into body building, working out, healthy fitness is your thing and you want to support someone in this journey and help be an advocate for SAFE alternatives to traditional body building please consider a donation!

But wait theres's more! A "goody Bag!" for your help!

I want to thank you for your support through this! Depending on how much you're able to give, you get a little something from me back at ya so you know I'm absolutely thankful and thrilled you want to be a part of the Joe Boyle Coaching team in this way!

Tier 1

This will apply to any donation from $1 up to $99

  • Shout out on stage!
  • Shout out on social Media

Tier 3

This will apply to any donation from $200+

  • Everything in Tier 2 plus:
  • A Joe Boyle Coaching Coffee Mug! It's pretty dope and it'll keep you energized! 😉

Tier 2

This will apply to any donation from $100 up to $199

  • Everything in Tier 1 plus:
  • A Joe Boyle Coaching T-Shirt (We'll talk sizes and material that you would like!)

What natural body building leagues are you in?

I participate in the WNBF natural body building league. They use polygraph, urine and blood testing as needed to make sure athletes are complying with and truly competing with no performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in their system.

My journey in this league has proven to be full of amazing well spirited, enthusiastic, helpful, joyful and most importantly KIND people including judges and fellow athletes. I'm very glad and excited to be able to be a part of such an amazing group of people. Shoutout to ProPrepCoaching for introducing me to this league!

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