Thank You!

I'm excited that you've taken this step!

From here on out just sit back and think about what you really want out of a coach, what you've been struggling with and how you would like me to help you! I want to hear all about it!

In the mean time here's some videos to help us both have a quality and efficient discussion along with some tidbits of nutrition and exercise info to help us get started! I'm excited to speak with you!

"Homework" videos

Mindset, Nutrition & Exercise Video "Snacks"

Exercise your Way

How to and the reasons why you can exercise *almost* any way you want and still achieve your desired results. It's truly amazing!

Eat What You Want To!

How to and the reasons why you can EAT *almost* any thing you want and still achieve your desired results. No more strict diets!

Investment, Cost & you

Investment in your fitness (and consequently good mental health!) is vital to your success for the rest of life. Betting on yourself is the best bet you can make!

Eat Your Cake & Have It Too!

Certain things in life only a require what I like to call a "good enough" amount of money, effort & time. Knowing how much is good enough for anything in life is the secret sauce!

Do I need Supplements?

Supplements can be a hot topic! Here Joe Boyle breaks it down on the different types of supplements, what you *might* need or want and why they're good (or bad) for you!

The Skinny On Proteins, Fats & Carbs

Lots of people wonder "How many carbs am I allowed to eat?", "What is enough protein?", or "Is fat good or bad?" In this video Joe Boyle explains it all in simple to understand way!

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